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“I feel unworthy to even begin to review such an epic album… ’Soulrise’, by Images of Eden is the meatiest album I’ve covered to date. I expect it is going to become an anthem for our times, and a beacon of hope throughout the world.”
- Tracy Morrow (The Rust Belt Chronicles)

"I’m genuinely at a loss for words to properly describe this album, in a good way. That doesn’t happen too often but this album has me stumped in the best way possible."
- Jacob Fields (Challenging Apathy)

“They (Images of Eden) just don’t sound like any other band making music today. The difference between Images of Eden and 99 percent of bands out there is that those bands write bleak music defining how life is today; Images of Eden always writes music showing a way out, and how much better life could be for every soul on earth if we just focused on positivity and not all of the negativity surrounding and smothering us. These are not fly-by-night musicians who just put together a project to see if it sticks to the wall. They have a message they will never stray from, they are true to themselves, and wherever that message takes them, they are grateful for it.”
- Derric Miller (Hardrock Haven Managing Editor)

“…’Soulrise’ is a beacon of hope in a form never seen in heavy metal to date and that, due to circumstances of its creation so extraordinary as to be classified miraculous, may never be replicated by any other band.”
- Andrew Bennett (Lady Obscure Magazine)

“Images Of Eden just kicked me in the head….
Images Of Eden delivers an outstanding performance… completely overwhelmed!"

"It needs to be said that Gordon is a world class musician who actually deserves plenty of more attention from the outside world than he got so far.... this is what I call a world class singer!"
- Stephan Sileghem (Metal To Infinity)

“Images Of Eden is a ray of hope and light… ‘Soulrise’ is a breathtaking emotional, musical and spiritual experience. While the songs do stand well on their own, do yourself a favor and take some time with this release – there is so much here to learn from and be encouraged by…”
- Jonathan "Doc" Swank (Heaven’s Metal)

“Images of Eden bite and inject you with a new venom, a pounding and euphoric statement infects you as this bands music flows into your being. This is different!”
- Seb Di Gatto (The Metal Gods Meltdown)

“These new songs from the new Images of Eden sound fantastic and may belong to their best work to date. Loving the heavier touch and singer Gordon remains one of my favorite US metal singers, his range and diversity never ceases to amaze me!”
- Nico DeVreese (Hell Spawn/ Rock Tribune)


October, 4 2018: Jaime Vendera Singer Spotlight 45 with Gordon Tittsworth- (

August 22, 2018: Arroe Collins of Unplugged and Totally Uncut

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